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Consulting and Training

Sorenson Van Leuven has developed an expertise in consulting with Credit Unions in matters related to collections, loss mitigation, recovery, and loan servicing. We understand and promote industry best practices, legal compliance, and effective techniques.
Consulting and Training
Our lawyers have more than fifty years of combined experience that can be used to improve your operations.

With the rising litigation risks (including class action lawsuits), additional regulatory scrutiny, and changing economic realities, collection departments have tough jobs. We partner with your collections team and loan servicing team to help you institute best practices, stay compliant and manage risk. Our knowledge and expertise give our clients the advantage in todays every changing environment.

As part of our consulting, we provide an on-site audit and assessment of your collection department and all related collection functions (including bankruptcy and recovery functions). This on- site audit and assessment identify potential compliance issues and provides guidance on how to correct those issues. In addition, we make recommendations based on best practices and effective approaches to controlling delinquencies, reducing charge-offs, and increasing recoveries. Our audit can be scaled from a review of policies and procedures to a full review of all department operations, including assessments of individual employees.

In addition to consulting, we also offer training. Our annual training event is the SVL SourcExpo and additional information on that event can be found here. In addition, we provide individualized training for our Credit Union clients. This training can be conducted onsite at your offices or can be conducted virtually. Training includes the following: bankruptcy training (both introductory and advance); foreclosure training; loss mitigation training, collections training (aimed at effective and compliant collections) and recovery training.

The Consulting practice works with clients around the country. Our pricing is typically done as a flat fee with clear terms that address what is covered and what is not covered. Please contact us today for a proposal.

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James E. Sorenson
James E. Sorenson
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The Consulting and Training Team

The Consulting Team is headed up by James (“Jim”) E. Sorenson. Jim’s experience and time spent consulting clients has led him to write a book, Collections is Not a Dirty Word. For additional information on the book or to request your copy, click here. In addition to Jim, the consulting team includes Tyler Van Leuven, Steve Orsillo and Blair Boyd.